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The website use means the whole acceptation of the general use conditions as described below. These use conditions could be modified or supplemented at every moment, the website users are invited to have a look on them regularly.

This website is accessible at every moment by every user. An interruption for technical maintenance could also be decided by Florence CAMPENON, who will try to communicate dates and hours to the users before.

The website is regularly updated by par Florence CAMPENON. The legal mentions could be modified at every moment : the user is invited to have a look the more often as he can to know them perfectly.

Services description :

The website allows some information about every firm activity.

FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION will try to allow the more detailed information on the website But it couldn’t be responsible about updated omissions or inaccuracies, from its fact or from its partners’.

Every information written on the website is given for information, and they could evolve. Otherwise, the website informations on are not exhaustive. They are given with a modification reserve from their updating.

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This website could not be responsible about material damage due to a bad website using. Moreover, the website user has to reach by using a recent material, without any virus and with a last updated generation search engine.

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FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION is the owner of the intellectual properties and the using rights on every accessible element of the website, and particularly the texts, images, graphics, logo, icons, sounds, software.

Every reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of the whole or part of the website elements, by every used means, is prohibited, except with a written authorization from : FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION.

Every none authorized exploitation of this website or one of its elements will be considered as counterfeit and will be reprehensible by the following article L.335-2 and following the French Intellectual Property Code.

This website is not indexed by the CNIL because it does not contain any personal information.

The data basis is not protected by the July 1st, 1998 French law transposing the March 11th 1996 96/9 directive in relation with the data legal protection.

Personal elements :

In France, personal elements are protected by the January 6th 1978 n° 78-87 law, the August 6th 2004 n° 2004-801 law, article n° L. 226-13 of the penal Code and the October 24th 1994 European Directive.

By using the website could be collected : the links URL used by the net surfer to reach the website, the user access supplier, its protocol access (IP).

FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION only collects personal information from its users for several services that could be proposed by its website The user gives its own information only because he wants to give them by seizing them on the

In relation with the Article 38 and followings the January 6th, 1978 n°78-17 law about computers, data and freedoms, every user has got an access right, a correction and an opposition right to the personal elements about him, by writing and signing his demand with a copy of his identity card with his signature, by mentioning the correct address where the answer could be sent.

No personal user’s information of the website is published without the user’s knowledge, changed, transfered, sold on every support to other persons. Only in case of repurchase of FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION and its rights would allow any information transmission to the potential purchaser. He would have the same preservation and modification obligations  of these web users’elements

This website is not indexed by the CNIL because it does not contain any personal information.

The data basis is protected by the July 1st, 1998 law dispositions transposing the March 11th 1996 96/9 directive in relation with the legal protection of the data basis.

From May, 25th, european authorities implemented a new law regarding data protection, the famous GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. The only datas we got from you concern your email addresses. Every document we send you hold an unsubscribe link that you can feel free to use if you don’t wish to receive our information anymore.

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The website contains numbers of hypertexts links towards other websites, set up with FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION authorization. But, FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION can not check the visited websites, and could not assume any responsibility of this.

Applicable right and legal attribution :

Every litigation in relation with the website using is submitted to the French law. The legal juridiction is the Sens Court (France).

Computers laws and freedom :

The January 6th n° 78-87 1978 law, modified by the August 6th, 2044 n° 2004-801 law relative to the computer science, to the files and the freedoms.

The June 21st 2004 n° 2004-575 law for confidence in the digital economy.

In application to these laws relative to the computers, to the files and to the freedoms, you have an opposition right, access and rectification of your own information. FLORENCE CAMPENON COMMUNICATION will not communicate this information to anyone. If you wish modify or cancel these elements, you only have to write to the website editor with your name, surname, address, email address and we will do our best in the earlier delay.

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In application to the March 11th 1957 and July 1st 1992 laws in relation with the intellectual property code, every website information can not be used or reproduced without any authorization.